Thinkkit #6: Third Place

Prompt: Work, home, and _____. Where was your third place this year? Did you like it, love it, …or was it out of obligation? What feeling, sense, or vibe did you get from your third place? If someone can’t imagine the scene, give the lay of the land in words. Is there natural light? Is there a certain smell? Bring us inside.

I may not end up answering this prompt exactly the way it is intended. The way I think of my ‘third place’ is the place I go to relax and unwind. The place where I don’t have to think about obligations. A place where I can lose track of time. A place I can exhale.


I think for me that place is Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company in Fletcher Place. As much as I love Starbucks I always wanted to find a local coffee shop to frequent downtown. Calvin Fletcher’s isn’t just a coffee shop. It’s a center for Fletcher Place as a community. The window display would make it appear like an antique shop but behind the hodgepodge of old instruments, lamps, and crates is a cozy little place full of awesome people. I have never been there without overhearing a group of people talking about some positive change in their neighborhood or the city. The art on the walls is all local. They have a bookshelf full of donated books and magazines. A community bulletin board overflowing with items for sale, ads for local concerts, theater productions, and more.

It isn’t odd to see someone come in with a happy pup on a leash or someone wheel their bicycle in from the Cultural Trail. This little coffee shop is always full of life. I can’t describe it any other way. On top of all these wonderful things, Calvin Fletcher’s is also a non-profit and donates all profit to local organizations that serve people. I come here to write, think, or read. If you haven’t checked it out I highly suggest that you do.


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