ThinkKit #1: A Thousand Words

ThinkKit #1: share your year in pictures

I have decided to pick one photo from each month that was saved on my phone.

January: New Years Eve (it was after midnight so it was this year..) Chicago. It was freezing, snowy, and on Central Time. We missed seeing the ball drop but I think still had a good time.


February: I took the Read26Indy Challenge this year so I spent a lot of time like this. Also I totally rocked that challenge. On book number 26.


March: Young the Giant at Old National.


April: View from the balcony of my hotel in Florida. I never used to enjoy beach vacations but I am starting too.


May: When a friend says “I have never been to Paris do you want to go?” You go.


June: I moved. It was a very Drake moment. (Started from the bottom now I’m here)


July: The Indy Film Fest created a Winter Wonderland backstage in The Toby. I volunteer every year on the screening committee.


August: One of my favorite things about living downtown is walking around aimlessly and taking too many pictures of Indy.


September: First wedding of the season in Kentucky.


October: Wedding number 2!


November: Bachelorette Party for wedding number 3! Penthouse balcony in Nashville.


I am avoiding making this post too wordy because I have a feeling a lot of words are going to be coming in the subsequent posts. I don’t know where I picture myself in December, but it’s somewhere good.


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